Up the Birdsville and Back

Saturday June 30, 2012

[From the trip Up the Birdsville and Back]


It started, as many adventures do, with an early morning departure.  As we headed to the airport before dawn, we discussed all the things the we could possibly see on the trip.  Everyone agreed Letterwing Kites would be a highlight, and beyond this we all had a list of things we hoped to see.  Having done a major and very successful trip to this area in 2010 I had only two birds in the area that would be new for me: Night Parrot, and Gibberbird.  Despite this I was determined to get some good second views of things, and maybe come across some interesting other species along the way.

The surveys started in the southern Flinders Ranges, headed north, turned north-east at Marree, and headed all the way along the Birdsville Track to about fifty kilometres past Birdsville.  Along the way we stopped every sixteen kilometres and walked about five kilometres of habitat to survey the birds.  Have you ever driven through an amazing landscape on your way to somewhere special and said "I wish I had time to do this slowly, just get out and explore the landscape".  Well that's what we did, and it was amazing.

Our trip up the Birdsville and back was a highly successful, interesting and thrillling trip.  If you get the chance to go there, don't hesitate. And remember, if you can take the time to get off the beaten track, explore a little bit, you never know what you might find.





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